"I'm on a diet. I only eat cupcakes on days that ends in a Y."

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A pause in blogging....

Loyal Cupcake Blog Readers....

I'm going to  take a break from cupcake blogging for awhile.  Our youngest has just been identified with quite the list of food sensitivities/allergies and it means a complete shift in how we eat and cook.  My energies are going to have to be transferred to learning how to cook gluten/dairy free.   I'm hoping to be back to cupcake blogging by January....with a whole new style of cupcake.


Sunday, November 6, 2011


Hello Cupcake Fans!!!!

I'm so sorry I did not get a cupcake up last week.  I had strep and was really under the weather.  My excellent husband convinced me I should be healthy  before whipping  up a batch of cupcakes. I am feeling much better and will certainly have a post headed your way this week.  Stay tuned!!!!

Spoiler Alert:  The cupcake this week will be topped with chocolate designs created in ice cold vodka!  So Fun!